Green Printing

In our world, as people become more conscious, a lot of projects are being implemented intended for protecting the nature and natural life, associations are being founded and conscious people provide significant supports for them.

As Halaman Printing and Packaging, we also care much of nature. We joined FSC®(Forest Management Chain) to ensure that our paper, doesn’t give any harm to the forests which are indispensable parts of natural life. We desire that this chain grows gradually and passing of this consciousness to the consumers as much as producers.

Papers have the biggest impact in protecting the nature for ourselves as printing houses. Besides that, printing inks that we use to print on those papers, should also be nature-friendly so that we can completely make a nature-friendly production.

We, as Halaman Printing and Packaging, use ecological(generally soy-based) printing inks. And it is a scientific fact that using these inks reduces air pollution. We were and we are always going to be proud of being implementers of nature-friendly technologies in the works of our professional field.

We also became the first Turkish printer to offer it’s customers “Climate Neutral” printing options.

As a family company, it is a very important issue to leave a clean environment for the next generations. Therefore, we implement environmental policies to use environmental friendly sources properly in our company. And this allows us to minimize our negative impact on environment. Our goal is to leave a cleaner world for the next generations. In order to reach that goal, some of the policies we implement are;

  • To use organic, vegetable-based inks
  • To use organic solvents
  • To encourage using FSC® Certified papers.
  • To give more than 1500 tons of papers for recycling process.
  • To use chemical-free printing moulds
  • To offer customers Climate Neutral printing options.

We are working proudly for a generation looking to the future with confidence

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