Investing in technology and people are in the roots of Halaman.

Halaman Printing and Packaging has achieved its present knowledge and experience by using the most prevailing and highest printing technologies of that time since the moment it was established. Today’s printing is obliged to offer quality and speed for the customers and this can only be done by using high technology machines. Halaman Printing and Packaging provides the best service for its customers by investing in technology and people.

Colour is not just a colour for us, It’s our life.

It can attract, influence and increase retention. Finding the right color
is an art because everyone interprets colors differently. Maybe you like warm
bright colors like beige, yellow and orange or perhaps you want some cold dark
colors like violet, blue and turquoise. There are thousands of colors that we can
print for you with our multi-color Heidelberg Machines. We take care every
milimeter of the image. In the end you see what you have imagined or wanted.

The power of experience.

With more than 35 years of experience , we are the experts of printing and
packaging. Constant search for innovation, following the latest technologies has
brought us to the one of the top companies of the printing and packaging