Quality & Certifications

Our Sense of Quality is based completely on customer satisfaction and delivering the product with the best quality on the right time in accordance with international accepted printing and quality standards.

Our highest technology printing machines can spontaneously control inconvenient production and make production process perfect. We have also invested in one of a kind packaging inspection machine which can control the finished product with highly sensitive cameras with full speed.


However, regardless of how your technology is good, each work must definitely go into the quality control department in responsibility of experts in their areas eventually. Investment in people are also in the forefront here and our experienced controllers perform controls accompanied by your customer representative and carry out the packaging activity.

High Hygiene

Whether you are in the food, pharmaceutical or other sector, it’s your right to feel safe for your packagings. That’s what our BRC/IoP certificate offers. We offer you high hygiene for your packagings and give you the most reliable products and services by using the correct materials and development techniques.

Proven Quality

With the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2015 we are committed to implementation and continuous development of our quality policy.

Always Correct Colours

Our ISO 12647-2 certification enables that your packaging has achieved the highest standards in color integrity and repeatability.

For Our Nature

As Halaman Printing and Packaging, we care much of nature. For more information please visit our “Green Printing” page.


Do you need more information about our Quality &Certifications? Please contact us.

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Quality Management Systems
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