The most important function of the pre-printing part is the process of making the electronically prepared work to be physically ready for the printing machines. Nowadays, the most important technology used for that process is CTP (Computer to Plate), i.e. an automatic exposure machine from computer to the plates.

Thanks to that technology, it is possible to start printing in a few minutes. Besides, CTP is a technology which maximizes the clarity and the quality of the print directly. In this division, we provide an uninterrupted production for our customers for their any sized works with our 3 CTP machines.

In addition, there is a fully compatible communication between machines with the help of the integration of Prinect Prepess Interface established by
Heidelberg. As our speed increases by virtue of this interface, we can catch serious decreases in loss rates.

The works of which moulds are taken and prepared for the print by CTP machines are controlled in ‘’Prinect Image Control’’ a world leading spectrophotometric measuring device developed by Heidelberg before the printing during test process. Thus, we have the opportunity to measure the colors automatically and arrange if required during the entire process.