Since 1977;
Halaman is a traditional family company. The most important factor of
our long time existence is the vision of our founder Cemal Halaman.
He always looks forward and plans the future of the company.
We have always been interested in the latest printing and packaging technologies
and used this technology to get the best possible results.

  • 1973

    Our founder Cemal Halaman’s involvement in the printing sector is based on this year. He started working in his father-in-law Kadir İpek’s printing company. Knowledge, vision and intelligence of today’s Halaman Printing and Packaging were actually laid back in those times.

  • Foundation

    After his father-in-law passed away, Cemal Halaman kept working in this printing company. Then in 1977 he started his own printing company with the name Özmert Ticaret ve Matbaacılık Ltd.  The company name were coming from the names of his two sons Özgür and Mert.

  • Packaging

    At the beginning of the company the main production was greeting cards and calendars. In 1990’s Cemal Halaman saw the rising and importance of the packaging sector and shifted the structure of the company to packaging production. This attracted the attention of the textile companies.

  • Heidelberg

    Since the very beginning, Halaman always responded to their customers high quality packaging needs with Heidelberg technology. Their first single color offset machine and the current 6 colour offset machines have the Heidelberg signature.

  • 2000’s

    In these years Halaman made some serious machinery investments and focused on exportation. They have become the global nominated supplier of large groups and brands and expanded their product range.

  • 2012-2013

    With the investment of Heidelberg CD102-6-LX and other machinery, the production capacity increased and in 2013,  direct exports reached %50 of the total sales.

  • New Factory

    Our new factory construction which started in the summer of 2015 covers an area of 14.000m2. It is designed for the satisfaction of all our customers and employees and built considering all the environment, work and health conditions.

  • Now&Then

    There has always been one thought in our mind “Being one of the best packaging companies in Europe” With the foundation of our company 40 years ago by Cemal Halaman we are now closer to this thought and will be much closer in the future.