Halaman Printing and Packaging Corp. boasts a prominent standing in the sector together with an operational and labor capacity consistently growing year by year. Coping with technology over the 40 years, the company is today specialized particularly in manufacturing textile, cosmetic and specialty packagings for many international brands. Exporting the majority of its products, Halaman carries out its manufacturing operations at international standards in its brand new factory situated in Istanbul/Turkey. All the production is made in this factory from start to finish.



Responding quickly to customers requests with the most accurate way requires a well-planned organisation and a fully integrated facility. In Halaman, we get your design idea and we deliver it to you as a printed, laminated, cut and completed product. And we do all of them in our factory.

Green Printing

In our world, as people become more conscious, a lot of projects are being implemented intended for protecting the nature and natural life. Associations are being founded and conscious people provide significant supports for them. As Halaman Printing and Packaging, we care much of nature and implement many policies.

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