Using Paper Over Plastic for Your Packagings

Many companies are switching to paper packaging instead of plastic packaging to become more sustainable. But why haven’t they used paper in the first place? Well of course there were some reasons.

The reason number one is plastic packaging was cheap, prevented products spoiling for longer and was, in most cases, lightweight. Combined, these attractive qualities are a recipe for commercial success but there was a significant on-cost to the environment. This wasn’t a concern initially, as consumers were significantly less informed. But that has all changed. Today, buyers are looking for earth-friendly packaging and products, which is why paper packaging solutions have become more popular.

To be honest the most important factor for choosing paper over plastic is recyclability. We know that plastic is not properly recyclable. Although plastic can be recycled, it has been reported that over 91% of existing plastic in the world has never been recycled. There is also another factor that make people choose paper is the large carbon footprint of plastic production. The production of plastic releases excessive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which pollutes the environment.

But there must be a reason that companies choose plastic. Yes, we said it’s cheap but also it is long lasting and have high durability. That’s why sometimes you can’t get the desired solution with paper. Even if the cost is not important. So, the aim should be to minimize the plastic in your packaging. Because paper has its advantages, but plastic also has its advantages.

Paper is much more recyclable, sustainable, reusable. And paper is also great for branding and marketing because it can be easily printed with very high-quality printing techniques. Bu as we said earlier plastic is more durable. So, what’s the solution?

Combining the benefits of both paper and plastic can be used across a variety of applications and offer excellent recycling and composting potential.

In Halaman we encourage our customers for eco-friendly packaging solutions. All the products that we produce is paper and carton based. But we also know that sometimes the customers need to make the packaging eco-friendly and very durable at the same time. And that’s where we offer our customers a little plastic film and coatings to use along with the paper and carton. And there is an alternative packaging for them without sacrificing the sustainability. We try to minimize their impact as much as possible.

If you want to get more information, please contact our packaging experts, and decide which would be the best solution for your business.