Importance Of Measuring The Thickness

As we mentioned in our previous post. Paper selection is the most important factor for packaging. And the thickness of the paper is key for selecting the correct paper for your packagings.

The best way to measure the thickness of a paper is to take a micrometer and make a measurement. It can be 500 microns thick with 300 gr paper. And another 300 gr paper can reach 400 microns or even 350 microns. It is all related to the type, quality, etc. of the paper. Therefore, every 300 grams of paper is not the same and the customers are often able to fall into this misconception. As a customer please request the specifications of the papers from your print shop.

When calculating your packaging price, the brand of the paper and of course the price per ton is the main indicator for the final price. So if you choose lower grammage paper, your total weight of the paper will be less therefore your total paper price will be low. For example; If you order 10.000 boxes with 250gr paperboard and you also want to see 300gr paperboard with the same paper brand. Then 300gr will be more expensive. It all depends on the customer needs.

There are hundreds of different paper brands and grammages. They have 1st quality, 2nd quality and even 3rd quality. They all affect the printing quality and durability of the packaging. So thicker paperboard doesnt mean that it will give you the best result and durability. Of course it’s an indicator but you should have a discussion with your packaging partner and find the most suitable paper for your product.