A Cosy Blog on Printing and Packaging

We are delighted to present you our blog, where you can find information about printing and packaging that exists in our life in many ways. We believe that from this blog students who are interested in printing and packaging will benefit the most. But from the customer side, it’s worth mentioning that there will be many information that can be easily accessed and give you ideas about your next packaging. In this blog you will find technical information about the various materials used in the production. From artworks to printing techniques to the final inspection. Every information will be available for you.

Maybe right now you are holding a chocolate box in your hand and the design may have attracted you. The question here is how can we apply that design to the packaging? Many design that we see on the computer screen can not be applied onto every paper with the expected result. It is important to choose the most appropriate materials and applications for the design. The most important thing here is to think each step carefully and make a decision. That is what we will try to do in this blog. We will keep you informed with pleasant content while you are in your home, at work or in a café sipping your coffee. Any support from you, any additional information is also welcome.

May the joy be with you.