How Safe Is Your Food Packaging?

A recent study designed to investigate the chemicals contained in food packaging materials, including foils, cans, boxes and other wrappings found that some of these chemicals can migrate into food during production, handling or storage and potentially affect your health. So how can we make sure that the packagings that we use are safe? Well you can of course go check the factory that the packagings are produced but this is not easy. So there must be some standarts and authorities that check it for you. Well there is.

BRC/IoP (British Retail Consortium / Institute of Packaging) is the only industry standard dedicated entrepreneurs operating in the packaging industry, primarily intended for contact with food. The requirements of the BRC / IoP guarantee the safety of packaging and fulfillment of all legal and hygienic requirements. If the factory has a BRC certificate, you can feel safe because this certificate is not easy to get. Your factory should be ready for all the hygienic conditions and your team should be trained for this system.

Actually it all comes to personal hygiene. The managers should support the employees to maintain their personal hygiene and appearance, and their living environment, to the standards that they want. So the BRC certificate itself may not be enough. It must be the Printing and Packaging companies mentality to be hygienic and pass this mindset to their employees.