Our Investments Continue During The Pandemic

We continue to invest in new machinery lines during these difficult times in which our country and our world have been facing. The disruption during the pandemic has shown how quickly manufacturing operations can come to a standstill and also shown how quickly manufacturing can bounce back. As producers who made investments have bounced back quickly. Agility is the key. As Halaman Printing and Packaging, we are ready for our existing and potential customers who needs high quality paper-carton packagings.

Now our production capacity is much more stronger with our latest machines which are set up and running. The details of our new machines are below;

Heidelberg CX75+5+L (F Format)

Our new offset machine is from Heidelberg as always. The paper size for this machine is unique (60,5cm x 75cm) Normally most of the offset machines are either “50cm x 70cm” or “70cm x 100cm” but when you have a packaging size that is in between these two sizes then we need to print it with the larger format which is our  “70cm x 100cm” Heidelberg machine. So that means there will be a waste and less productive job. That’s why we have invested in a special size Heidelberg Offset machine. That will improve our productivity and of course our capacity.

Heiber + Schröder CE 1000

This is a new addition to our tray forming arsenal. When it comes to tray production or carton nesting the CE 1000 is a first class solution in terms of productivity and ease of use. A machine that gives you the opportunity to create a wide range of products for customers that demand out-of-home food container for fast food and take away. Just like our Heidelberg machines Heiber + Schröder machines are also made in Germany.