Greeting Cards Are Timeless

Everybody loves to get a handwritten card. Whether personal messages or life updates, greeting cards evoke all kinds of emotions, happy, sad or touching.

Of course there are many online alternatives now but people still like the physical sentiments expressed on greeting cards.

If you have already checked our “History” page, you probably read that, at the beginning of our company the main production was Greeting Cards and calendars. Later on we also started producing Paper-Carton Packagings.  After 43 years we are much more capable and efficient than ever.

The pleasure of writing a thank you note on a piece of well designed and beautifully crafted card will always outweigh the sending of a text or an email and bring enjoyment to sender and recipient alike. Unlike digital information, some paper cards are saved long after their receipt. Their ability to engage three or four senses (touch, smell, feel and sight) makes them powerful as memory aids and emotional triggers.

We can confidently say that the appeal of the greeting card is undeniable. It is clear that the public’s desire for paper greetings cards is continuing unabated.

At Halaman we use the most prevailing and highest printing technologies. From Pre-Printing to Printing and Post-Printing we offer a variety of services. From traditional processes to cutting-edge techniques. Every job is finished to the highest standard with a guarantee of superb, professional quality. From die cutting to creasing, folding, gluing and binding; From hot foiling to glittering, embossing, debossing etc. Halaman provide a comprehensive and professional service.

So the question is; Who will you touch with a card or letter this season?

Here are some of the cards that we have produced;