Our response to Covid-19

On this blog post you find an overview of our measures and initiatives to support the health and livelihood of employees and communities in which we operate.

Our thoughts are with all who have been impacted by the coronavirus outbreaks globally. Our focus is on running the company through the current unprecedented situation. With our first priority the health and well-being of our people, our families and our communities. We continue to work closely with our suppliers and customers and listen to their concerns about the immediate impact of COVID-19 on their businesses and to support where possible.

Our three guiding principles:

  1. Health, safety and trust of our people
  2. Safeguard the continuity of our business.
  3. Support our customers and suppliers.

In view of those principles, we have made the following commitments:

  • For our people: we support the health and safety of our employees, the company is ensuring that those employees, who work in production and administrative division follow strict hygiene and social distancing guidelines and receive support to do their jobs safely. Furthermore, to provide security to our employees, HALAMAN will not carry out structural layoffs, as a consequence of Covid-19.
  • For our customers: we are scaling up initiatives in support of our customers across markets in all regions.
  • For our suppliers: we are committed to paying suppliers at agreed payment terms and will support its most vulnerable small and medium sized suppliers through early payments.

As we brace for the second wave, we keep it up and make sure that we stay informed and follow recommended precautions as always.