5 Ways To Make Your Packaging Stand Out


In the competitive world of retail, your product needs to stand out from the other products on the shelf and draw customers in. It needs to have something that makes it truly special and worthy of receiving the attention of shoppers.

In this post we’ve put together 5 ways in which you too can set your packaging apart.

1- Understand your target market and research your competition

The first step to setting your product’s packaging apart from the crowd is to really get to know your target market. For example, if your product is aimed at children but your packaging is sleek and sexy, looking more like something designed for a corporate executive, you can be sure it’s not going to be attracting the right people. So, the first step to getting your packaging right is to understand who your audience is and design with them in mind.

Also look at your competitor products and see what they are doing. This can tell you many things. Firstly, it shows you what works in marketing this product and what customers expect from the packaging. However, it can also tell you what none of them are doing. Moreover, it is from this that you can learn how to stand out.

2- Ensure the packaging matches the product

The packaging needs to represent your product accurately. Otherwise you can send the wrong messages to the consumer. For example, a humorous label on a high-end perfume won’t succeed, it establishes the wrong expectations and customers can’t help but be disappointed. So, always make sure that your packaging matches with your product.

3- Choose the right colors

The impact of color on people’s buying decisions has been studied for a long time and it has been repeatedly proven that different colors attract different people and affect people differently, as well.

Bold and unexpected colour choices can help your product to catch the eye when it is on the shelf. If your competitors are all using very bold colours, then it can make you stand out far more by going with a straightforward and minimalist design. But make sure that you’re not so different that people have no idea what your product is.

4- Use high quality materials and choose the right packaging size

Don’t forget customers expect the packaging design of your items to offer protection, as well as making them convenient to transport and store. You need to create a packaging design that not only fits your product well but also doesn’t take up too much space on the shelf.

Also no matter how stunning the design is, if you’re using poor quality materials, it will send the wrong message to your customers. For example if you’ve used cheap cardboard, you can be sure they’ll put it back. Cheap materials send the message that the product is cheap, which is what you don’t want.

5- Don’be boring. Make Changes.

After some time your packaging might start to look out of date or stale. It is so easy to make changes to designs that you can regularly upgrade and improve the overall look. Small changes on a regular basis keep your product looking fresh.

Add messages to your packaging. And keep your message clear and concise and be direct when telling your message. You can tell your product’s story and communicating with your customers to make your product stand out on the shelf and build a trusting relationship with your customers.